Bar IQ puts great care and thought into the creation of a new beverage program. Every project is customized and designed to meet each client’s specific needs. We use a proven formula for success, which draws from decades of combined experience in creating, running and evolving Michelin-rated bars and restaurant’s beverage programs. We collaborate with our clients to ensure that the highest industry standards are met.  

  • Creation of signature cocktail menu
  • Customized bitters, syrups, ice, etc.
  • Standardized classic cocktail recipes with preparation instructions
  • Ergonomic bar design for increased efficiency
  • Purchase recommendations for spirits and WBG
  • Selection of all barware and glassware
  • Ensure that bar standards meet the Department of Health guidelines


We approach the development of the wine program with pride and passion. We understand that wine drinker's palates are evolving and are in constant need of adventure and stimulation. A well thought out wine program is necessary to retain the interest of discerning guests and to further bolster the overall bar experience, while at the same time, significantly enhancing profitability. Once we get an understanding of our client’s scope and budget we can provide a full wine list that is tailored to the particular specifications.

  • Create a proper wine program including WBG
  • Suggest wine and food pairing to boost wine sales
  •  Court of Master Sommeliers wine service standards


With a successful wine, spirits and cocktail program established, it’s essential to have the right staff in place and to ensure that they can give life to the concept we create. We provide staff members with all the tools and training they need to do this.

  •  Streamline the interview process for new hires
  •  Train staff on how to execute the signature cocktails
  • Train staff on the production of Infusions, Batching, Syrups, etc.
  • Educate staff on all major spirit categories
  • Classic cocktails – recipes and preparation
  • Bar tools and their use
  • Wine seminar on regions, grape varietals, tastings etc.
  • Philosophy of wine and food pairing
  • Proper wine service standards


Now that we have all the major components in place, we will need to make the bar experience visually appealing. Our award-winning art director will work with you personally to create a visual identity that authentically expresses the nature of your business and speaks directly to your guests. With the visual language in place, we will initiate a targeted marketing and PR outreach programs intended to publicize the new beverage program designed to attract the target clientele. 

  • Branding (logo design and language)
  • Graphic design (menus, business cards, signage, collateral etc...)
  • Website design
  • Marketing campaign
  • PR outreach strategy
  • Social Media